When We Were Young 

So, let’s talk about Adele for a hot second. What a majestic vocal unicorn, am I right? Everyone is going nuts over her song “Hello,” but we need to talk about “When We Were Young.” Don’t get me wrong, “Hello” is a great listen, and it was the first song I heard from that album, so trust I was living the first few times it came on the radio. But then it came on a few hundred more times, and even though I still belt the chorus at the top of my lungs while careening down the interstate with the windows rolled down (don’t lie, you do too), the song has lost a bit of its pizazz for me. 

If you haven’t listened to “When We Were Young” yet for some reason, remedy that as quickly as possible. Unlike “Hello,” I believe I could listen to that song every day for all of 2016 and find something new in it each time. Adele is already a master vocalist, there’s nothing to argue there. But with “When We Were Young,” she reaches new levels of emotional vulnerability and realness with every word. The writing is also incredible; I love the simple and completely relatable imagery. I love the persistency without too much repetition. 

And guess who helped her write that song? Tobias Jesso Jr., another captivating artist whom you may have been missed because he’s not the big ticket item Adele is, but you need to go  listen to his stuff too. Right now. Be prepared, his music is not like Adele’s, just in case that’s what you were expecting after finding out they collaborated together, and after I praised them both in the same turn. He’s the soft, insecure type, the kind of guy you picture as small and curly-haired while listening to him sing (turns out he’s kind of tall, but he does have curly hair, so…go me).

He doesn’t have the most brilliant vocal technique, so again, don’t go track down his songs expecting him to be a male Adele, but he has a sincere and charming voice. And his songwriting is downright magical. That’s what makes him utterly captivating. That and his simple, uncluttered piano accompaniment. Kick off your Tobias listening sesh with “Hollywood.” And make sure you’re in a minimalistic, dimly lit room with a cup of coffee and wearing sunglasses while doing so. 

But now, back to Adele. What a queen. And am I the only one who only just discovered she has a toddler son…?? So yeah, in case you are one of those knuckleheads who keeps saying things like “but like, what was she doing between the 21 album and the 25 album” as if she’s not a real person with a real life, THAT’S what she was doing. Birthing and raising a son. 
I’m sorry I implied you might be a knucklehead. I don’t really think any of you are one of those people. Have a great Monday, and remember to look up “Hollywood” by Tobias Jesso Jr.