Even if you don’t ascribe to a specific religion, I think connecting with spirituality in some way can be energizing for the soul. Sunday is a great day to practice this kind of connection: it’s the end of the week, many people have this day off to rest, and most churches meet on this day.

I’ve decided to start a spiritual journal. In this journal, I plan to write one entry each Sunday. I intend for my entries to be meditations on Bible verses or devotions, but if you are not a student of the Bible, you could still benefit from a similar practice. Perhaps you could meditate while finding your center in a peaceful field. Or lie under the stars and think about the vastness of the universe and how each of us are so small in the grand scheme of things, and yet so important in our unique lives. Or maybe you could take a mindful walk in nature and let your mind wander. Perhaps, like me, you enjoy yoga and find that it helps you align your mind with your body.

Sunday should be a day to focus on peace. Even if you have to work for most of the day, like I do today, remember to take some time at some point in the day to be still and listen to you soul and what calls out to it from the universe. Try keeping a spiritual journal with me! It could be fun and insightful.